We are looking for enthusiasts and responsible people in a team of Ecopark volunteers in Ulyanovsk. If you are passionate about environmental issues and want to contribute to society, we welcome you to become a volunteer.
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a green tomorrow
Ecopark  is a unique platform for environmental education. Join us on a journey to learn about the nature and the importance of waste sorting and recycling.
How to properly sort garbage
Waste sorting can be done by separating recyclable materials (such as paper, plastic, glass and  metal) from non-recyclable waste (such as food waste and hazardous materials).
Study in the Ecopark
"Ecopark in  Ulyanovsk offers a range of educational and  interactive opportunities, including information stands, installations, a lecture hall and a  recycling point."
Installation of containers near houses for sorting waste
Benefit for everyone
Community groups and  
neighborhood associations
Curricula and materials on environmental education, information on school visits and excursions in the park
Schools and educational institutions
Information about the park's infrastructure, sustainable development facilities and features, and also about the impact of the park on the local community and the environment
Detailed information about  initiatives, promotions and  activities of the park related to  environmental protection.
Environmental organizations
Discover nature in the heart of the city: a conveniently located eco-park in the center of Ulyanovsk
In the heart
of the city
Join our  environment team and help us protect the natural beauty of the Ulyanovsk region.
Make the world a better place: become a volunteer
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Project sponsors:
Join the  movement for a greener future
Support us - make a donation to implementation of the ecopark program. Together we will build the infrastructure of the park, conduct educational programs and  strengthen the environmental awareness of the Ulyanovsk population.
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